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Q: What is Act4LyonPark?
A: We're concerned residents who live and work near a proposed gun store named NOVA Armory. A news article brought the store to our attention and we're now asking questions, gathering facts, and sharing information.

Q: What is Act4LyonPark working for?
A: We oppose the opening of the proposed NOVA Armory in our neighborhood.

Q: Who has spoken up in support of the Act4LyonPark cause?
A: In an incredibly influential show of support, seven legislators sent a letter to the building landlord with many reasons not to lease to the gun store, concluding with: “The selling of firearms, while legal, does not reflect the Arlington community’s values. Therefore, we strongly encourage you to reconsider your decision to grant a lease to NOVA Armory.” It was signed by delegates Patrick Hope, Alfonso Lopez, Richard Sullivan, and Mark Levine; and by state senators barbara Barbara Favola, Janet Howell, and Adam Ebbin.

Q: I’m too busy to volunteer. How else can I help?
A: You can like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, donate at Gofundme, sign the petition, and discuss it with your neighbors. Or look here for more ideas.

Q: Is this a 2nd amendment issue?
A: No. Definitely not. We’re a diverse bunch. Some of us own guns. We are a community uniting against the opening of a single business.

Q: What is your position on the 2nd amendment?
A: We have no position. Act4LyonPark is united in that: (1) We live or work here, and (2) We are opposed to NOVA Armory being here.

Q: Why do you oppose NOVA Armory?
A: We are many, and we have many reasons. Some of us are primarily concerned with the store’s proximity to schools in the area. Some of us don’t think it fits well with the small-scale retail in the area, which includes a yoga studio, a soon-to-be-opened burger joint, and a daycare. Some of us don’t want to walk or bike with our families in close proximity to guns. Some of us are concerned about property values and the viability of the local businesses in the Pershing Drive corridor which took many years to rejuvenate.  We chose the neighborhood in part because we never want to have to see guns.

Q: I read on Twitter that Act4LyonPark is being intolerant of NOVA Armory. You should accept the store.
A: Who decides how a community should evolve and change? We believe community members are best positioned to do that. This is an issue of safety, as well as economic and cultural self-determination. We reserve the right to be intolerant of any legal business that we feel doesn’t fit in, whether it’s a porn shop, a toxic dump, or a landfill. That’s the American way.

Q: I think I live close enough to be part of Act4LyonPark. Can you clarify the community?
A: If you live or work (or send your children to school) in the area, then join us by writing You need to be able to access the proposed NOVA Armory in 3-4 minutes in your car or 20-25 minutes walking: Fairfax Drive on the east, the Wilson-Clarendon corridor in the north, Glebe to the west, and 2nd Street South to the south. (If this is unreasonable, let us know what we should change.)

Q: I live in Fairfax, but oppose gun stores in residential neighborhoods. Can I join?
A: We welcome your support, but our organization is local. You must live or work here to join in this effort. We believe the owner of NOVA Armory is trying to turn this into a 2nd amendment issue. It is not. It is a focused business dispute in a single community pitting neighbors against an outsider owner of a single gun store.

Q: Why are you restricting membership?
A: Act4LyonPark is not a forum for 2nd amendment debates. There are a lot of organizations out there working on this issue. If you want to support the right to bear arms or open gun stores, the NRA is a good place to look. If you’re opposed, there are a lot of organizations out there. We're focused on local issues impacting the lives of our residents.

Q: Do I have to be a member of a particular political party to join? 
A: In our membership, we count Democrats, Republicans, and independents. We have gun owners and people of all religious faiths. There are only two requirements: (1) live or work here, and (2) be opposed to the opening of the proposed weapons armory.